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How to be productive on your commute

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Taxi Blog

It’s easy to think of corporate travel as a necessary evil. But with the right app, work travel can go from pest to perk.  Silver Top’s app is designed to make travel within Melbourne and Sydney efficient and easy. Read on to find out how it can help your business.

Pay your way

Let’s start with those dreaded cab cards. Confusing for workers and annoying for managers, pre-paid cards are easy to forget in the lead up to a big trip. 

Our alternative? PayPal.

Silver Top has partnered with PayPal to ensure that all your financial details are safe and secure. There’s also no need to provide specific account details to travelling employees; with a PayPal login and password, each traveller can pay for their trip cash and card free.

Not comping travel? Your employees can use a Visa, MasterCard, private PayPal account, or regular cash.


Avoid the hassle of arranging a cab in advance – or remembering to cancel when plans change.

With the App’s Quick Hail feature your team can book a cab instantly, no phone call required. Best of all, in just a few taps they can pick the car that best suits their needs. Whether you need an SUV’s extra luggage room, wheelchair access, or a standard four-seater, Silver Top has got you covered. Picking up some team members on route? GPS tracking and location sharing means you can let them know exactly where your car is.

turn those hours commuting into valuable work time

Want to seal the deal? Win over your client (or reward the team!) with business class rides for penny pinching prices. For only $11 extra, travellers can ride in a luxury car, with a Silver Service driver delivering the best service money can buy. And taking business class on the road isn’t just good for morale – you can turn those hours commuting into valuable work time. Your employees will thank you for it!

With the Premier Silver Top app, you can feel calm and confident when it’s time to arrange travel in Sydney and Melbourne.

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